#ChallengeAccepted 01 – Suicide Planks by Natasha Knight

What on earth are „Suicide Planks“?

…was what I thought when I first heard the name. First, I thought about all those people that were planking outside on ceilings, trolleys and many other weird things. Some of them even died. However, „Suicide Planks“ are something different. Planking refers to the position that you will be in and suicide comes from the fact that they will kill you in terms of soreness.

Suicide Planks – my review

As you can see in the video, I struggled quite a lot. At the beginning it didn’t feel too difficult but over time I felt really sore around my shoulder blades and in my biceps. It felt very effective, however I recommend to start with sets of less repetitions. Also, always make sure to keep a straight back rather that my weird looking curve.

Enjoy and many thanks to Natasha Knight!

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